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11th BrazMedChem

11th BrazMedChem


De terça, 24 de outubro de 2023 até sexta, 27 de outubro de 2023

The Brazilian Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry (BrazMedChem) matured over the last two decades and became the largest scientific event dedicated to Medicinal Chemistry in Latin America. Discussing the challenges encompassed in drug discovery and development, as well as the tools available to overcome them are a BrazMedChem hallmark.

The previous editions of BrazMedChem were focused on “Recent Advances in Drug Discovery and Development“ (BrazMedChem – 2066 main Theme), “XX Century Diseases & XXI Century Drug Design Strategies” (BrazMedChem – 2012 main Theme), and more recently “Bridging the gap between Academia and Pharmaceutical Industries for Advancing Drug Discovery” (BrazMedChem-2019 main Theme)

The next edition (11th BrazMedChem-2023), which will be held in Salvador, the first capital of Brazil, will be dedicated to the theme “Drug Development in a Pandemic world”. Although COVID-19 is the most recent example of a pandemic disease, there are many other infectious diseases of worldwidee proportion that demand attenton. A quick response to those threats requires a multidisciplinary aproach that exploits not only modern organic synthetic methods and disease-relevant biological assays, but also insights from pharmacokinetic modelling and recent artificial-intelligence oriented and computer-aided tools.

The interactive and collaborative atmosphere cultivated in BrazMedChem aims at creating networks that can exploit that sort of knowledge and deal with global health issues.

BrazMedChem is a biannual event, which 10th edition was supposed to take place in 2021. Due to the pandemic, it had to be postponed to 2022. However, the 11th BrazMedChem will resume the original schedule and take place in 24th – 27th October 2023, save the date!

In addition to dazzling beaches and historic city sightseeing, the BrazMedChem-2023 atendees will also have the opportunity to get in touch with Natural Products Scientists from Brazil and Latin America, as the 9th edition of the Brazilian Congress on Natural Products (BCNP) will happen at the same venue and time as BrazMedChem-2023, with some shared activities.

The Organizing and Scientific Committees of BrazMedChem-2023 are working against the clock to deliver an outstanding scientific program, not to mention social events aimed at increasing attendees’ and speakers interaction.

We look forward to meeting you in Salvador, in 2023!

Local do Evento: Centro de Convenções Salvador


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